Detailed Application

Using NewCastles Safe, Secure and Confidential Application Process, We can Approve your loan request before visiting our office

Required Documentation

Once pre-qualified, you must provide the following required documents to expedite the loan process.

  • Wage Earner - last 2 years W-2's and most recent pay stub
  • In Sales - last 2 years tax returns and most recent pay stub.
  • Self-Employed - last 2 years tax returns and year to date profit and loss and company balance sheet.
  • 3 Months bank statements on all asset accounts (all pages of statements).
  • Pay-stubs covering a 1 month period of time.
  • Check for $385 made payable to NewCastle Mortgage. $325 for appraisal fee and $60 for mortgage credit report.
Personal Details
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone number:
E-mail address:
Work History And Income
Current employer:
How long have you worked there?
Social Security #:
Annual Income:
Monthly Expenses
Car payments:
Home / property payments:
Credit card payments:
Other payments:
Co-Borrower Details
Do you have a co-borrower?
Co-borrower's first name:
Co-borrower's last name:
Government Monitoring Information
The following information is requested by the federal government for certain types of loans related to a dwelling in order to monitor the lender's compliance with equal credit opportunity, fair housing, and home mortgage disclosure laws. You are not required to furnish this information, but are encouraged to do so. The law provides that a lender may not discriminate on the basis of this information, or on whatever you choose to furnish it. However, if you choose not to furnish the information, and you have made this application in person, under federal regulations the lender is required to note ethnicity, race, and sex on the basis of visual observation or surname.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino
Not Hispanic or Latino
Race: American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Other: (ex: 25 Hillcrest Ave)
Monthly Expenses
First Name:
Last Name:
Address: (ex: 25 Hillcrest Ave)
Phone number:
E-mail address:
Marital Status:
Number of dependents:
Dependent Age(s): (seperate by comma)
Work And Income
Can you provide proof of income (for example, W-2 forms, pay stubs, or tax forms)?
Employer Name:
Employer Address:
Work Phone:
Business Type:
Title / Position:
Self Employed? Yes No
Employed From: (mm/dd/yyyy)
Monthly Base Income:
Monthly Overtime:
Monthly Bonuses:
Monthly Comission:
Other Monthly Compensation:
Social Security # or Tax ID:
Loan Information
Purpose of Loan:
Property Usage:
Number of Units:
Year Built:
Present Value / Purchase Price:
Loan Amount:
Title will be held in what name(s)?
Manner in which title will be held:
Source of Down Payment:
Monthly Expenses
What kind of housing expenses do you have?  
First Mortgage (P&I):
Other Financing (P&I):
Hazard Insurance :
Real Estate Taxes:
Mortgage Insurance:
Homeowners Association:
Other Housing Expenses:
Car payment(s):
Home / property payment(s):
Credit card payment(s):
Alimony / Child Support: Description:
Monthly payment:
Left to pay:
Job Related Expenses 1: Description:
Monthly payment:
Left to pay:
Job Related Expenses 2: Description:
Monthly payment:
Left to pay:
Other payment(s):
Are there any outstanding judgements against you?
Yes No
Have you been declared bankrupt within the past 7 years?
Yes No
Have you had property foreclosed upon or given title or deed in lieu
thereof in the last 7 years?
Yes No
Are you a party to a lawsuit?
Yes No
Have you been obligated on any loan which resulted in foreclosure,
transfer of title in lieu of foreclosure, or judgement?
Yes No
Are you presently delinquent of in default on any Federal debt or any
other loans?
Yes No
Are you obligated to pay alimony, child support, or separate maintenance?
Yes No
Is any part of the down payment borrowed?
Yes No
Are you a co-maker or endorser on a note?
Yes No
Are you a U.S. citizen?
Yes No
Are you a permanent resident alien?
Yes No
Do you intend to occupy the property as your primary resident?
Yes No
Have you had an ownership interest in a property in the last three years?
Yes No
If so, what type of property did you own?
If so, how did you hold title to the home?
I agree to let NewCastle Mortgage and its affiliates to run a credit check





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